Mission Statement

The Beginning of our Mission of Truth

My name is Michael J. Midlo. I live at 3920 225th LN NW Saint Francis, Minnesota

The task before us is to change the laws and regulations in this state and country with respect to the prescribing and dispensing of anti-depressants, along with changes and proper oversight of psychiatric professionals. This is not only a must but will be accomplished!

It is vital that I do this so that I can not only make sense of my son’s death, but also give his Death Purpose and Meaning, by helping him in death go on doing what he was working to do in life, which was to help others and save lives.

To do this I have to let this country know who was responsible for his death and why they should bear their responsibility for the death of our son, Jonathan Robert Midlo.

These include the psychiatrists and psychologists for my daughter Angela, also the pharmacy that intentionally mislabeled the medication, along with the involved lobbyists and government officials, who out of greed, self-service and arrogance, made it possible for this to happen to our son and so many others. So that in doing so, Jonnybob, can, by his death, go on helping and saving the lives of others.

To do this I have to let the people, the media, and government officials, the state and federal Attorney Generals offices, including the FDA, all the way up to the President of the United States and his wife (Barack and Michelle), and get them to take action to stop the senseless deaths and suicide attempts of hundreds if not thousands of  Americans young and old caused by the intentional mislabeling (which is called “off label use” of antidepressants and psychotropic drugs) with suicide as a major side effect, whether out of incompetence, just to make money, and/or get kickbacks for acting as Street Level Drug Dealers by writing the prescriptions.

 It is also important to note in an article for trustworthy health information, that the antidepressant, Trazodone, is often used to treat insomnia, although it is NOT approved for this use by the FDA.

My son may have put the shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, but the fault actually lies in the hands of Dr. Ann Kooiker, the psychiatrist who “Willfully Violated” multiple State and Federal Laws, the people at Goodrich Pharmacy who “intentionally mislabeled this drug and said it wasn’t their fault because they always label prescriptions according to what they are told by the doctor, along with the people (lobbyists and government officials) who have made it possible to re-identify at will this “antidepressant as a sleeping pill, saying “take one at night for insomnia”, with the only warnings written on the bottle as:  Do not take with other medications without checking with your doctor (which I don’t believe anybody would think meant Tylenol) , may cause drowsiness, alcohol may intensify this effect, use care when operating a car or dangerous machinery and take with food…. instead of identifying it as an antidepressant and Failing to Follow Federal Law by not labeling it as having severe depression and SUICIDE as major side effects.

With respect to this tragedy in our personal lives it starts with Dr. Ann Kooiker of Otsego, MN who Angela was transferred to due to changes in Minnesota Health Insurance coverage. Angela had Trazodone taken off her prescription list by Dr. Nelson many months before. Then she was put on Saphris by him and to our knowledge was looking into the possibility that her sudden onset of Schizophrenia was the result of Psych-drug induced psychosis.

Dr. Nelson verified on more than one occasion, that all of Angela’s records and notes would be transferred to Dr. Kooiker. These records should have included the agreements for our prior notification about any drugs that she is being prescribed and bringing into our home, since he had been faithfully following these guidelines.

Since then, after our son’s death when my wife and daughter went to confront Dr. Kooiker, she said that she never received any records from or talked to Dr. Nelson along with denying that she had ever agreed to refrain from adding to or changing Angela’s current drug regiment.Then according to my wife and daughter, this shrink, not only refused to take Trazodone off her active prescription list but had the nerve to tell Angela that it was her responsibility to not pick it up. This Twisted shrink, actually tried to put the blame of her brothers death on her head after having gone to extraordinary means to manipulate her into picking up this poison after she had repeatedly refused to get and had even left her office the 1st time saying no.

This woman did this after it had been explained to her by my wife and daughter, that they and I were concerned that her new medication Saphris was at too high of a level because she was sleeping all the time.

I believe that if we can get her in front of a judge or state board that her actions were beyond “Unethical” and that she is Not a Healer but just a common Drug Pusher!!!


My son was suffering from migraines probably due to a prior snowboarding injury where they had fixed his broken back and put steel bars in to fix both of his broken arms. Although he had a severe concussion they had done nothing to actually follow up and see what was wrong with his head. So,  we will never know if that was the reason for his headaches. He had gone from a calculus student to not being able to do simple multiplication and division, but by long before his death other than the reoccurring headaches he had fully recovered intellectually.

My son was 21 years old and graduated with honors as an EMT and was working hard while in training for over two months doing P90X. He was in Love and planning on getting married. Also after conversations with a friend that works with the St. Francis Fire department and another friends’ uncle, named Mark who is a fireman, he began working out daily and was over two months into doing P90X workouts to get himself in shape to pass the firefighters endurance exam so he could be a Firefighting EMT. He also had plans to further his education in stem cell research that was a special interest of his.

I have to let the world know that although my son may have pulled the trigger, it wasn’t he who killed himself. It was a bunch of self-righteous, arrogant, greedy people, drug manufacturers and those who willingly aided them in circumventing the laws, regulations, and fail-safes that were to be in place. They intentionally hid the true identity of this antidepressant drug, along with mislabeling it by removing the required warnings, and also prescribing it for an unnecessary purpose.

Dr. Kooiker totally ignored our instructions! Even with our daughters signed permission as her caretakers to follow specifically agreed upon instructions to notify us of any drugs she was being prescribed and bringing into our household. Then they basically blew us off after Jonathan’s death and denied there ever was such an agreement.

Dr. Nelson finally properly diagnosed her with some form of schizophrenia, changed her medication, and was looking into a viable cause for her sudden onset of symptoms that seemed to have no bearing on her life or environment. We were told about her new medication regiment which did not include Trazodone, but then when trusted to the care of Dr. Kooiker she went behind our backs and without notifying us, told her she needed to pick up a bottle of Trazodone. Angela told me that she wouldn’t stop pushing until she agreed to pick it up and told her that she needed it “Just in Case” she ever had trouble sleeping.


This is the same drug that kept me up countless nights watching and worrying about her killing herself while she was on it and this is why.

The reason for my fear and concern was that It was the same drug, that after being on for a few weeks myself, I was convinced that my family was better off with me dead and leaving them with my 401(k) and insurance. So I drove my car off an embankment by Norris Lake, attempting to commit suicide and make it look like an accident. My attempt failed, breaking off a couple trees, messing up my car and leaving me with a couple of bruises. I lied to my family and friends telling them I was just out four wheeling or something like that. I quit taking the pills, but so I would never forget, I kept the bottle with one pill in it on my bedroom window sill until last year when I had the house redone for my wife.

Through the information we’ve looked up since, we found many things about our daughter’s actions that are listed as adverse effects to Trazodone that we didn’t know about because of this shrinks “repeated violations” of the “Informed Consent Laws”.

We kept accusing her of doing meth with this stalker called  Espeland, alias “Bucko” that kept on trying to feed her meth along with having physically assaulted her in the past and still is stalking us by sending cruel and insulting text messages to both our phones along with the same through my regular e-mails and Facebook and even now over a year after our sons death. On a daily basis he has continued sending false and insulting statements, some just cruel and twisted, about my wife and daughter and myself to our family’s e-mail address. Even though he has been arrested for it multiple times, he seems to think he is immune to getting found guilty. The police have tried to help but the legal system is slow because of his not guilty pleas and case continuations while he just keeps building a bigger case against himself. We are trying to stop letting his twisted garbage get in the way of what needs to be done. Although I consider this sorry excuse for a man the beginning of the end of our son’s life because (Even after I and my son Jonathan, Repeatedly Tried to Get Him to Back Off,) he continued with his abusive behavior and relentless attempts to take advantage of and drag our daughter into his meth addicted world. We just keep telling ourselves that he’s just not worth it and just keep forwarding the e-mails to the police and city prosecutor while trying not to even take the time to read them.

Update: This was where we were at in February of 2013 in our attempts to have the St. Francis Police led by Chief Harapat and the city attorney James Hoeft help us serve justice. Since then we have found that trusting these men to defend and stand on our behalf in court was a mistake that has brought more harm to our family and resulted in my being charged in “Bucko’s” county of Chisago, Minnesota as a criminal for causing him to feel fear because of my threats to tell this mamma’s boy’s parents about his abuse of our daughter and his methamphetamine addiction along with letting out to the public the Truth about why the cops wanted him on the streets and were willing to commit  several crimes and ethics violations to let him walk.

Although according to documents we have in our possession, Hoeft who could not as we understand it, without the knowledge of Chief Harapat, for possibly the same reasons that follow, was already intentionally violating procedure and ethics codes that were endangering our family. Hoeft did this by lying to us and failing to have the temporary restraining order, (TRO) / no contact order, put in place while Espeland was awaiting trial on several charges. When things went from bad to worse was after good street officers in our town came to our home and had me help them to set up a sting operation luring Bucko to our local Subway where they could arrest him and have him booked into the Anoka County jail.

To keep it short as possible, they arrested him and did a search of his truck as part of the impound procedure and found a half gram or better of methamphetamine and a meth pipe. But instead of him being booked on cyber stalking and  felony drug charges they let him go after he agreed to work as an informant for the drug task force.  (The official paperwork of them making this deal is in our possession.) The end result was that on August 19th, 2013 when we were subpoenaed to appear at what was supposed to be the 1st of Bucko’s several trials we were blocked from speaking in court. Hoeft never let us know that he made plea deals with multiple charges disappearing, with all charges on my behalf being dismissed, and all but one charge on my daughters behalf being dismissed. This lone charge was converted from assault and battery/ stalking to “Fighting and brawling” insinuating that it was some sort of domestic fight and not assaults committed against Angela for fighting off his unwanted sexual advances. Then Hoeft went further by working together with Espelands public defender to get it on record that it was Bucko that needed to be protected from our daughter.

I’ll end this update by letting you know that, (as I referred to in the 1st paragraph of this update,) it was only about a week later that I was then charged in Chisago County  with MN Statute # 609.275 (attempt to coerce) by means of causing someone to fear for their life and safety or something like that. It was only because of an attorney who has been hailed as the top criminal defense attorney in Minnesota, (Ryan Gary) who waived his normally exuberant fees, that I ended up with a (stay of adjudication and 1 years probation) for writing Exactly what I’ve just written here.

To continue with how this has happened, other than a couple times that she admitted to us, we now believe her increased symptoms, horribly cruel behavior, and dangerous and sometimes violent actions, (most of which she can’t even remember,) were part of these adverse effects of Trazodone, symptoms that Dr. Nelson her former psychiatrist at the time should have been able to see, and was very likely one of the reasons he told her to stop taking it and took it off her prescription list.

When they switched her drugs I finally felt safe that this Trazodone wasn’t in my house anymore, but it was a lie.  I hope that after reading this that all will understand, that Knowing the Truth, there is no way that our daughter should ever be looked upon badly nor should she have to live with guilt for allowing herself to be manipulated into bringing this drug into our home or forgetting that she had done so.

Her new psychiatrist Dr. Kooiker put it on her active drug list and and went to extraordinary means to coerce her into picking it up when she was in the room by herself. She didn’t talk about picking up the “so called, Sleeping Pill” when my wife had gone with her the time before to pick up her new medication, Saphris.

What’s vital to understand here is that this psychiatrist did this after my wife and daughter had (following the legal requirements,) advised her that she was Only supposed to prescribe the Saphris that Dr. Nelson had her on. Had Dr. Kooiker agreed to follow the directives that were already in place that required her to advise my wife and I personally of any proposed drug changes before they would be allowed in our home, we wouldn’t be living through this nightmare!

The Trazodone bottle wasn’t labeled as an antidepressant and my son knew about the multiple adverse effects from every other antidepressant that they ever tried to give me. If the bottle had said antidepressant on it he would’ve never touched it and would be alive today.

They canceled our son’s Champ VA medical insurance when he graduated on December 16th, 2011 and he had to wait four months before he could get on Minnesota Care insurance. His migraine headaches that had been reoccurring since his severe snowboarding accident were keeping him from sleeping. The Tylenol-PM that he was taking wasn’t helping enough to let him sleep, so he started smoking a certain kind of pot at night that had a heavy sedative quality and it was working. He was getting his sleep and working out even harder doing his P90X and helping me outside with all the heavy stuff like getting the motorcycles and boats ready for spring along with spending time with his girlfriend Heather, visiting friends and playing Frisbee golf which is what I had hoped to be doing with him the day of his death.

Then around the end of February, I had to tell him he needed to stop using the pot because with the senseless laws in this state having not yet been changed to at least allow the medical use of marijuana, the requirement of a drug test would be part of him getting a job with the fire department, and I was worried that it would ruin the future he had been working so hard to achieve.

That was one of my biggest mistakes. It was working and safe. He could have just put off taking his firefighters exam until he had insurance and had gotten help for his migraines. So I gave him the rest of a bottle of Melatonin that had worked for me in the past and I thought things were going well.

Being a good son, he listened to me but he never told me that he had run out of melatonin and I’m sure that’s when he found that bottle, that contained what he thought were sleeping pills in the upstairs medicine cabinet, a bottle that had no warnings to speak of on it. It just said, “Take one at bedtime for insomnia”.  He wasn’t depressed. He didn’t want to die. He wanted and had every reason to live, saving other people’s lives, wanting to get married, and have children. This is who our son really was and there isn’t a person who knew him that would say otherwise.

Something you need to know is that I already knew the Truth and that’s why (I thought that I had done everything I needed to,) believing that my Angel would die at her own hand if I failed. I had done all that I had because I lived through exactly what happened to our son, with this same drug that I had been conned into taking (Off Label) not knowing until it had almost cost me my life and that It was an Antidepressant. Jonathan thought it was just a harmless sleeping pill, but it was a “Death Sentence in a Bottle” that he couldn’t control, just as it controlled me. Back then mine was labeled with warnings and stickers on the bottle, but Jonny didn’t know that what he was taking was a potentially deadly antidepressant; he thought it was just a sleeping pill. But when it takes control of your brain, against everything that you hold sacred, against everything logical, although you fight with all your will, you give in, and with a calmness, accept the feeling that the only right thing you should do is kill yourself.

Like I said, he may have pulled the trigger but he didn’t commit suicide,                                                  He was killed!

  His only mistakes were in trusting the Lies that were told to his sister and believing what was written on the bottle to not be a lie!


My hopes and prayers are that with Gods guidance in bringing this to the news media, internet, the government, along with the voices, help, and  aid of good and honorable prominent psychiatrists and others in the psychiatric and medical fields, then coupled with the help of the millions of good and loving parents, and people of this country,

These unethical practices will be stopped!

Our goal is that our son Jonathan Robert Midlo will be remembered for “Jonnys’ Law”, so that potentially lethal antidepressants like Trazodone and Prozac and anti-psychotics like Seroquel and others are properly controlled and are never again able to be intentionally mislabeled for personal gain, or be used on people as guinea pigs, and that those who are involved, and responsible, are held accountable for their actions. This needs to be done along with more stringent re-certifications of both psychiatrists and doctors who are able to prescribe antidepressants and anti-psychotics, or any drug with severe depression and suicide as potential side effects!

I hereby give full permission to anyone to copy and or distribute this as is, by any means that they may choose. I do also take full personal responsibility for all of the content being placed here on this web-site.

The e-mail address is \ jonnyslaw.org@q.com / My Phone # is: 763-464-2470

Sincerely: Michael J. Midlo

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